Volvo Car Tyres

The Volvo Car Tyres Network is a network of approved Volvo dealers which provides an online tyre booking service for your Volvo. All of our Volvo dealers aim to offer you a great service, competitive prices and we also offer a free health check to make sure your Volvo car is in full working order.

To find your closest Volvo dealer to fit your tyres please enter your town or postcode above.

Our Volvo tyres network will ensure that you visit a Volvo approved dealership where you will get the best advice on what tyre suits your vehicle, your driving style and conditions. We stock a comprehensive range of Volvo car tyres to suit your budget and needs, if you are unsure of what tyre suits you, please contact your nearest dealer. If you book your Volvo tyres online, in most cases we will be able to fit your tyres the next day (Monday-Friday).

Volvo remains one of the leading manufacturers in car safety and as tyres are the only part of your car in contact with the road, tyre replacements are critical for your Volvo’s safety, fuel efficiency, handling, performance and longevity. This remains at the heart of the tyre selection process.

See what tyres we recommend for your vehicle:

Before making a booking for your Volvo tyres, please check your vehicle to ensure that you are replacing tyres with the correct size.